Books and Chapters in Books


This highly selective listing of books and chapters in books is intended only to give a general sense of some of my academic interests. There are no links to them from this site although they are reasonably accessible and could be chased up by anybody interested.

Jenkins D., (2018) ‘Beyond the Raw Prawn: Stephen Kemmis at CARE’, in Groves et al, eds., Education in the Era of Schooling: Critical Perpectives, a Festschrift for Professor Stephen Kemmis, Wagga Wagga University Press, Australia 

Jenkins, D., (2018) ‘The Evaluator, the Arts and Functional Scepticism’, in Williams, D., (ed.) Twenty-Nine Evaluation Lives, New Directions for Evaluation Number 157, Spring 2018, 31-34

Jenkins, D., (2015) ‘Lead Standard Evaluation’ in Russell, J., Greenhalgh, T., and Kushner, S, (2015) Case Study Evaluation: Past, Present and Future Challenges, Emerald UK, 157-176

Jenkins, D., (1993) ‘ “And She Supposing Him to be the Gardener…” Spirituality, the Arts and the Open Secret’, in Starkings, D., (ed.) Religion and the Arts in Education: Dimensions of Spirituality. Hodder and Stoughton, 19-29.

Jenkins, D., (1991), ‘Curriculum Research’, sectional review article in Lewy A., (ed.) The International Encyclopaedia of Curriculum, Pergamon, 1257-1265.

Jenkins, D., (1984) ‘Chocolate Cream Soldiers: Sponsorship, Ethnography and Sectarianism’, in Burgess, R., (ed.) The Research Process in Educational Settings: Ten Case Studies. Reprinted in Murphy, J., and Torrance, H., (eds.) (1987) Evaluating Education: Issues and Methods. Open University.

Jenkins, D., (1978), ‘Business as Unusual: the Skills of Bargaining Course at LBS’, in Willis, G., (ed. 1979), Qualitative Evaluation: Concepts and Cases in Curriculum Criticism, Berkeley CA, McCutchan publishing.

Jenkins, D., and O’Toole, B., ‘Curriculum evaluation, Literary Criticism and the Paracurriculum’, in Willis, G., (ed. 1979), Qualitative Evaluation: Concepts and Cases in Curriculum Criticism, Berkeley CA, McCutchan Publishing.

Jenkins, D., (1978), ‘An Adversary’s Account of SAFARI’s Ethics of Case Study’, in Richards, C., Power and the Curriculum, Nafferton Books.  Subsequently reprinted in Simons, H., (1980) The Science of the Singular: essays about case study in educational research and evaluation; Norwich, Centre for Applied Research in Education, UEA.

Hamilton, D., Jenkins, D., King, C., MacDonald, B., and Parlett, M., (1977) Beyond the Numbers Game: a Reader in Alternative Educational Evaluation, MacMillan.

David Jenkins (1997) Teaching by Example, Teaching by Ensemble, Review essay in Curriculum Studies, Vol. 5 No. 1 (1997).