Conference Papers



The tiny sample below cannot be accessed via a link (indeed several of the papers have never existed in a hard copy version) and is intended only to give a brief flavour of my range of research interests

Jenkins, D. (2019) Taking Solipsism Seriously or Is There a You to Persuade? University of Exeter ‘Philosopher’s Hat’ seminar at Falmouth, October, 2019

Jenkins, D., (2015) ‘Lessons from UNCAL and SAFARI’, presentation given at the Invitational International Symposium in Memory of Barry MacDonald, University of East Anglia. April 2015

Jenkins, D. and Stake, R. (2012) ‘Theoretical, Methodological and Reporting Issues with Respect to Evaluations Conducted in the Absence of Properly Formulated Objectives’, presentation at American Evaluation Association Annual Conference, Minneapolis, USA, 27 October, 2012.

Jenkins D., (2002) ‘Risky Pedagogies’, a paper given to the TABEISA International Conference on Entrepreneurship and Education in the Historically Disadvantaged Sectors, Peninsular Technikon, Cape Town, South Africa.

Jenkins, D., (1990), ‘The Busker as Subway Vigilante: artists in residence and the management of change in schools’, paper given to the International Conference in Managing Change in Schools, CEDAR, University of Warwick. June 1990.