Junior Chess


Calstock Primary School After School Chess Club

I have had a longstanding interest in junior chess and the value of chess in schools as an educational tool.  I have written at some length on the multi-faceted benefits of chess as a putative curriculum subject [Observations on Junior Chess ] not least because I see it as an adjunct to the teaching of both logic and creativity, as well as a range of personal and social skills.  Several years back I volunteered to run an after-school chess club in Polruan Primary School and on moving to Calstock entered into a similar arrangement with Calstock Community Primary School where I run an after-school club with Calstock Chess Club colleague Richard Hendin.  We are hopeful that our negotiations to offer chess as part of the school curriculum will bear fruit.  We acknowledge the political initiatives currently undertaken by the Chess in Schools and Communities program.

School children of all ages are welcome, with suitable support, at our club nights and several have taken part in simultaneous tournaments we have organised.

Awaiting the arrival of Theo Slade during a simul in the Old Chapel Arts Centre, Calstock